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The Benefits of Joining the U.S. Marine Corps

10 Jan

Shane Stodghill is a former United States Marine who is currently using the earnings from his GI bill to help pay for an education at the University of Texas at Austin. Shane Stodghill previously attended the University of North Texas, where he studied political science and served as an Omega Delta Sigma national veteran fraternity recruitment officer.

One of the most common questions an individual has before joining any military branch is what kind of benefits are given. The United States Marine Corps provides a number of benefits that many Americans are struggling to obtain in a crowded job market. These benefits include complete medical and dental healthcare at zero cost, affordable life insurance, between 30 and 60 days of paid vacation every year, and tax advantages.

The Marine Corps also provides members with clearly defined, knowledge-based steps for advancing up the ranks and receiving important promotions. Similarly, marines are often provided choices when it comes to training and placement, allowing them to gain education and experience in fields that relate to their desired profession outside of the military. Finally, marines are supported in their higher learning efforts with the Montgomery GI Bill and additional tuition assistance.